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About HEE

  HEE is dedicated to proactively fight against climate change. As such, it is committed to building a hydrogen energy society with efficient and clean energy. The company focuses on the comprehensive solutions for the hydrogen energy industry and the manufacturing of fuel cell equipment. The 100KW proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells have been successfully put into operation. At the same time, the company will further promote the expansion of the application of hydrogen energy in the fields of distributed energy utilization, comprehensive energy stations, renewable energy integration, gas, etc.
  HEE has carried out business simultaneously in China and Germany. With HEE as a brand, it has created a business model of "research and development of international leading technology" + "domestic (global) production base" + "international and domestic dual markets". As the owner of independent core technologies such as fuel cells, the joint venture builds a fuel cell plant in China and makes it as a global product manufacturing center. HEE team firmly believes that hydrogen energy will be the best answer to solve the future energy transformation.

Development Process

Enterprise Vision

Enterprise Objective:
Become a global leader in multi-energy cogeneration system and coupling system of hydrogen-electricity in hydrogen energy and fuel cell field.

Get hydrogen from nature, and use hydrogen for life

Honorary Qualification