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Director/Leading Expert for R&D and Manufacturing of Fuel Cell System

Department: Engineering & Technology Center
Industry: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Energy Equipment, Energy Storage
Location: High-Tech District, Guiyang
1. Responsible for leading the team to carry out the development and production of Fuel Cell CHP system and energy coupling application.
2. Development of key modules of new generation hydrogen storage system/solution, key modules include: system integration and energy management, mechanical design, hydrogen production process, hydrogen storage, hydrogen energy application, etc.
3. Responsible for leading the team to carry out technical attack, technical control/decision making, technical support and technical correction in the process of fuel cell system development.
4. Responsible for providing guiding suggestions on fuel cell system development and specific work on hydrogen storage system/solution.
5. Responsible for the management of fuel cell system R&D team and driving team growth.
1. PhD degree from a well-known university at home and abroad (available on the academic network), master and PhD degree are both working on fuel cells and other related fields during the study period, and major in electrical engineering, machinery and automation, etc.
2. In-depth understanding of all aspects of electrolysis hydrogen production, power supply, mechanical and electrical control technologies. Have more than 5 years working experience in hydrogen energy industry, senior engineer title is a plus.
3. Possess industry insight, creativity and learning ability, with experience in leading teams to complete technology development projects, familiar with standardized R&D system and process. Aspiring to interdisciplinary innovation, open attitude and ability to cooperate. Aspire to create industry value.
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