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Senior Client Manager

Department: Marketing & Partnership Center
Industry: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Energy Equipment, Energy Storage
Location: China
1. According to the characteristics of the products and technical solutions, develop hydrogen energy application scenarios, and specifically responsible for the design of the business model of product promotion in the designated areas.
2. Understand the dynamics of customer demand, explore the product demand and business demand of potential and existing customers, and develop corresponding strategies and plans.
3. Develop customers, including technical docking and quotation; and keep track of the market dynamics in the responsible area, discover the risk in time and provide timely warning.
4. Responsible for the sales cost budget and sales contract validation and monitoring.
1. Bachelor degree or above (academic network can be checked), engineering major preferred, good knowledge of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology is preferred.
2. More than 3 years working experience in marketing, development, business model design and other related work experience; those with hydrogen energy, energy storage-related work experience, or those with mature new energy business or channels are preferred.
3. Open-minded, with excellent market development ability, communication ability, business negotiation ability, inter-departmental coordination ability and customer relationship management ability.
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