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HR Expert

Department: General Affairs & Human Res. Depart.
Industry: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Energy Equipment, Energy Storage.
Location: High-tech District, Guiyang
1. Human resource planning and daily management of the organization, employee performance management and employee compensation management.
2. Quickly understand the employment demands of the hiring department, and be able to independently take charge of recruitment projects and efficiently achieve recruitment tasks.
3. Actively maintain and expand recruitment resources and establish an efficient recruitment talent pool for the department.
4. Including but not limited to the extension of the recruitment content to enhance, from the BP perspective to provide appropriate support to the hiring department.
1. Undergraduate degree or above (available on the academic network), human resource manager junior or above.
2. Human resources, business management or related majors; experience in energy/equipment manufacturing-related R&D recruitment is preferred, headhunting experience is preferred.
3. More than 3 years of experience in R&D recruitment, highly sensitive to the talent market.
4. With good writing skills, good at cross-departmental communication, coordination, and good teamwork spirit, prefer to expand the circle of quality contacts.
5. Patient, responsible, serious and meticulous, proactive, strong resistance to pressure.
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