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R&D Expert for Fuel Cell System

Department: Engineering & Technology Center
Industry: Hydrogen, Fuel Cell, Energy Equipment, Energy Storage
Location: High-Tech District, Guiyang
1. Fuel cell system design and demand analysis, fuel cell system technology development and process design.
2. Product model definition and development based on demand analysis.
3. Participate in fuel cell system prototyping, debugging and testing together with China-Europe fuel cell team.
4. Develop system-level test and verification program, support system calibration, testing and verification.
5. Prepare and maintain technical documents of system, and propose patent plan for technologies that can be patented, and promote tracking and implementation.
1. Postgraduate degree or above (available on academic network), majoring in electrical engineering, machinery and automation, measurement and control design, electrical design, structural design, industrial design and other related majors.
2. At least 3 years of experience in system development.
3. Good English reading and writing skills, excellent logical analysis ability, strong learning ability, problem solving ability, teamwork ability.
4. Familiar with fuel cell system, structure, performance, reliability and other knowledge, with relevant experience is preferred.
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