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Supply Chain Manager/Director

Department: Supply Chain & Logistics Center
Industry: Hydrogen, Fuel Cell, Energy Equipment, Energy Storage
Location: High-Tech District, Guiyang
1. Explore suppliers and do bargaining, and carry out supplier maintenance and management.
2. Based on the project, maintain close communication with manufacturing plants, develop procurement plans to ensure timely supply.
3. Responsible for procurement source search and inquiry, determine the procurement plan; sign contracts with suppliers, place orders and monitor the quality and progress of material production.
4. Give timely resolution of supply chain problems in the production chain.
5. Responsible for the management of procurement and warehousing data, and close collaboration with relevant departments.
6. Responsible for the reconciliation and settlement with suppliers, and internal interface with the Finance Department.
7. Responsible for the optimization of the quality, supply cycle and cost control of materials, spare parts and equipment.

1. Bachelor degree or above (available on academic network), with more than 2 years of experience in supply chain and procurement in hydrogen and fuel cell industry.
2. Familiar with the assembly process of fuel cells, understand the knowledge of related parts and materials, and be able to use office software and ERP system effectively.
3. Strong English reading and writing ability, good communication and coordination ability, negotiation ability, pioneering spirit and innovation ability, strong sense of teamwork.
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